The most common retort to statistics about the gender wage gap is that women tend to choose lower paying jobs than men, resulting in the differences in incomes. As a response to their decision of voting against the Paycheck Fairness Act, Senate Republicans claimed that “The difference isn’t because of their genders; it’s because of their jobs.” Not only is this claim incorrect, it fails to account for the reasons why women end up in lower-paying fields.

There exist minimal underlying differences in the minds and abilities of men and women, yet there exist major differences in the incomes and…

Chances are you associate self-care with a form of consumerism: spending your money on products that are supposed to make you feel better, or even the idea of indulgence itself. I’ve seen countless articles equating self-care to buying certain products like bath bombs or engaging in destructive actions like eating an unsustainable amount of junk food. What once began as a radical concept in the civil rights era has been turned into a marketing ploy and an excuse to indulge in unnecessary products for a short lasting happiness boost.

The term, self-care, gained popularity in the civil rights era when…

Rachana Kadikar

High school junior passionate about raising awareness about important ideas and issues facing modern society. Her blog:

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